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Up, Up & Away?

New from Eric Free Egelund: The Super Hero Club #1

Most thirteen-year-olds want to spend their summer vacation looking for part time jobs, or hanging out with friends. Not Thomas.

This summer he is determined to become a super hero.

There’s just one problem. Or maybe several problems.

He has no super powers.
No special abilities.
No suit.
No ride.
No arch-nemesis to fight.

And the only sidekick he can find is his best friend’s kid brother, Mark, a shy ten-year-old chemistry nerd.

But heroes are made by overcoming impossible odds, right?

Supers & Sorcery

Welcome to Cromkhar, a world mired between an ancient fantasy world and a new era of super powered heroes and villians. Did you ever wonder how the X-Men or Avengers would take out Sauron’s armies? Or the Balrog? Or Smaug?

This world is the playground for Supers & Sorcery.

The Dragon Tempest, Book 1

What happens when superheroes take on orcs, alchemy and a dragon?

Rolfe Netheridge is a serial con artist that takes gold coin from anyone that is gullible enough to believe his promises. It has caught up to him now and his life is forfeit unless he gets money quick.

When Rolfe successfully delivers on a bounty of blood to an eccentric lord, he finds himself involved in a conspiracy to mutate orcs and humans throughout the city of Dramis. He has to make friends fast to survive.

With his new team and their special abilities, Rolfe must take on an insane alchemist to save Dramis and bolster his latest business venture: superheroes for hire.

Tempest of Betrayal, Book 2

Undead and giant insects and supervillains. Oh my!

The Dragon Tempest, now an established team of super-powered heroes, settles into its new role as protector of the city. The fame, riches, and danger seem unlimited.

When the city council sends The Dragon Tempest to waylay a diplomatic envoy, it touches off an escalation of a super-powered conflict that has been waged in secret for years.

While the dead begin walking again, superheroes go missing and lynch mobs threaten to destabilize the city, Rolfe must keep his team safe and bring the blooming chaos under control.

How can he succeed when everything he depends upon is betrayed?

Tempest of Chaos, Book 3

The Dragon Tempest sets their sights higher and want to compete with the big boys, at any cost.

Now that the team is the premier warped presence in Dramis, they struggle to be heroes that the city needs and demands. It is a prestiguous position but one fraught with peril.

When the city makes their intentions on controlling the Dragon Tempest and other tempests jocky for their crown, the team finds themselves with enemies on all sides.

The war outside the city begins to apply pressure within, and the fragile alliance between humans, orcs, elves (and now the dwarves) begins to unravel.

How will Rolfe maintain control when every facet of his life, large and small, descend into chaos?

Shallow Grave, A Story

How do you fight undead with superhuman speed?

Jameson Hollis, an aging and lonely farmhand, has accepted his lot in life. He only hopes that his son grows into greater success.

When the king's tax collectors threaten to take his farm and imprison his son, it forces him to take additional measures to meet their demands.

But when the dead come hunting for flesh, his friends are horrifically killed and there is no hope left, Jameson must find the strength within to overcome the odds and prevents his son from paying for his sins.

How can he survive when the enemy is powered by forces from beyond his reality?

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